Sustainable approach, one step at a time

At N4ED we believe in proceeding one step at a time to bring solutions and not wait until everything is perfect to start something, somewhere. The COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the livelihoods of many, and the facemask production initiative we fundraised for and started in July is a perfect example of that.
Through this initiative 12 of our beneficiaries were supported to enter the handmade facemask production activity. They produced 5255 masks that generated direct income for them through their labor cost payment and through the sharing of benefits from masks sold by N4ED. They are also currently selling 2067 masks to buy fabrics and produce more masks to sustain the cycle. As part of this independence step, they have taken an order for their first branded 150 masks and delivered just last week.
Now as we move on to the next phase, we are happy to announce that 4 of the women involved in this initiative, the most productive and good quality masks sewers, were selected and registered for a 6-months full package training program at Shega Crafts, which is one of Timiret Le Hiwot Ethiopia’s Social Enterprises. Check out our linkedIn post more for more details on this topic: