Founding partner

Michèle Müller, born in Switzerland, is a teacher and a mother of one son.

She is one of the masterminds of Nutrition 4 Education & Development as she has encouraged and supported its creation from day one. When she describes why she got involved, she says “Water in Switzerland is a blessing. Unfortunately, not for everyone.” So, she wants to create awareness among Swiss people and encourage them to participate in different projects in order to collect money and donate it.

Here is how Michèle and her team make their support to N4ED possible:

  • Four years ago, they started the project “Schlossberg on Ice“, that donates to N4ED every year.
  • They partnered with the UrbanGolf Tournament 2016 that donated 10% of the starting fee to N4ED.
  • With water-related projects, they want to improve access to clean water and create sanitary installations.
  • They came up with the “Magic bottle” concept where together with school kids from all over Switzerland they decorate glass bottles, fill them with Swiss fountain water, and sell them for N4ED.

Their ambition is to make these projects and others become life-changing tools for the N4ED communities by fighting malnutrition before it occurs and by creating brighter generations.

Our valuable partners and donors

If we are able to impact communities it’s because our precious partners and donors believe in our work and support us with grants, material and space donations, networks and technical materials.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and donors!