First set of GBV prevention program

The covid-19 pandemic and the proliferation of GBV that followed in all corners of the world was the straw that broke the camel’s back for our organization. We had encountered many cases in our beneficiaries’ households and communities that had left us helpless before that. So when the pandemic came and exacerbated the situation we decided that working on nutrition, health, and empowerment of communities can’t be sustainable if violence is rampant and blocking every effort of making households stronger and independent.
That is why in October 2020, N4ED launched a new component to be incorporated in its empowerment program: a set of preventive and response activities around gender, gender-based violence, and child sexual abuse.
Today we are proud to have completed the first set of the preventive program with one of our sites.
We are overwhelmed by the positive response of both the women and men in this group. The eagerness to learn and to make changes in their homes is a real booster for this program.
This really feels that it is a move in the right direction.
We are crossing fingers for opportunities that will help launch the response protocol soon as well!