Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to improve infants’ nutrition in the first 1000 days, from mother’s womb to the age of two, in order to make sure that children have a normal development and reach their full potential as students and future generations.

Our vision is that nutrition is a smart investment as it breaks the cycle of poverty. Hence we want to trigger a self-sustainable cycle in each community we target.

Our values that shape the way we design our programs are:

  1. Avoid direct aid : even though we are a charitable organization, our goal is not to give away financial or material aid directly to the targeted population. We believe that aid creates dependency and is counter-productive. Besides, a project based on aid is not sustainable as its effect will end when the project ends. Therefore all our programs are designed in a way that the population becomes self-sufficient.
  2. Act preventively : we want to fight malnutrition before it occurs. If under-nutrition occurs during the first 1000 days, it creates irreversible damages even if it’s treated afterwards. So, we need to act preventively if we want to have a real community level impact on poverty. Our main goal is not to simply reduce child mortality due to malnutrition, it’s to fight the impacts of malnutrition.
  3. Work with communities : there are many types of charitable organizations, some work on advocacy with policymakers, some are nutrition specialists and work with industries, some are academics and work on researches. We have chosen to work with the population. We believe that real change comes from the bottom and we are eager to see concrete results. As implementer we’ll be able to connect the tools put in place by policymakers, industries and researchers with the end-users.