Why nutrition?

N4ED is born from a simple observation : nowadays more and more children in poor communities go to school. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough for the communities to reach a certain level of development and be pulled out of abject poverty for good. 

This observation led to researches about the vicious circle of poverty and findings about the impact of early childhood nutrition on a person’s potential to becoming fully physically and mentally developed. Studies show how this lack of nutrition can cause a lack of development that has a major consequence into reducing the human capital of an economy.

Thus whether we see the problem as a humanitarian or as an economist, the response is the same : a sustainable poverty reduction can only be achieved if our future generations are fully developed and have their full potential available to learn and thrive. This is how they will become assets to their country and pull themselves and their communities out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The priority is hence to get rid of the under-nutrition scourge and its irreversible damages by acting  before it’s too late. This is why we founded N4ED in order to trigger a self-sustainable cycle out of poverty: