Get involved

We are all part of the solution! Let’s put our hands together to trigger a lasting change, one community at a time!

Donate, Fundraise, Sponsor a day-care center, Volunteer, Share!


Keeping our set of actions together and making a real difference!

Our programs are a set of actions that bring concrete results only when implemented together :

  • Knowledge needs to be transformed in practice;
  • Nutritious foods need to be available;
  • Households must be able to afford them;
  • Area needs to be clean to avoid diseases and maximize nutrition reception;
  • Mothers need to leave their children in a clean and safe environment while bread-winning.


Donating your celebration gifts for a great cause!

Special occasions like birthdays, weddings, engagements or graduations are wonderful opportunities to share your commitment and your values in life. Involve your loved ones by supporting our cause.

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Sponsor a day-care center

Have a center opened in your name!

Learn how a community day-care center is a key component to our nutrition project by clicking here.

We are looking for business owners, group of friends, families, philanthropists or others that would sponsor the center for a year or more and have the center named after them! With a monthly amount of $600 you can let mothers raise their children decently while providing for their families! This is a remarkable opportunity for you or your business. You will participate in an unforgettable, life-changing experience! We’ll provide all the pictures, videos, interviews you could use to promote your contribution.

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Spend a few weeks with us on the field!

Are you planning to come visit Ethiopia as a tourist or you come there often to visit your family? Or do you have some free time on your hand to remotely give us a hand? We have a way of making your time meaningful by mixing solidarity with pleasure.  Whatever your background is and the skill you bring to us, we’ll find a way to keep you busy and useful !

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A fantastic way of giving us a hand is making some noise!

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter , share our website, create awareness about nutrition, brainstorm with us and more!