Our solutions

Our researches and on-field needs assessments enabled us to outline the following set of actions that can solve the problem from deep down and create a sustainable effect.

Through our programs we want to insure that community members and most particularly mothers are :

(1) aware of nutritious diet composition and its importance in their lives, and most importantly during some critical points of the life of mothers and infants.

(2) engaged in behavioral changes concerning food grocery, cooking and storing habits

(3) aware of what is locally produced/available and nutritious for infants and mothers.

(4) aware of the importance of immunization, healthy behaviors, healthy environments and the way to access and practice them.

(5)aware of the importance of requesting and practicing frequent growth monitoring for their young children.

Moreover, our objective is also to address the multi-sectoral aspect of nutrition by enhancing the process in which these mothers start applying the acquired knowledge by:

(6) connecting products and nearby market places for vegetables, fruits, fortified foods and others…

(7) enabling them to produce some of the needed food ingredients for their own consumption

(8) assisting them in the process of creating or improving their income generation activities and become self-sufficient to fulfill their nutritional needs

(9) enabling them to leave their children in cleaner and safer places when they are away for their income generation activities


Positive Impacts

(a) Mothers will gain self-esteem and independence by providing to their families without aid.

(b) Improved growth and cognitive development for the children

(c) Improved immunity for the children and better micronutrients absorption

(d) Better school attendance and performance increasing their ability to receive an education.

(e) Gained knowledge and practice will enable to create behavioral changes within the community in a sustainable way

This leads to an increase in their ability as adults to lead the productive, meaningful, prosperous lives they need to leave the cycle of poverty and contribute to the development of their communities.