A textile business

Life is all about seizing the opportunities that knock at your door and transforming them into your own path to success. That is exactly what Mulu, Etenesh, Genet and Million did!
When COVID-19 came and disrupted many lives, we had started an initiative for handmade facemasks as a way to enable our moms in Entoto area to earn income while staying safe.
Four of these moms, didn’t stop at just that! They excelled in the quality and quantity of their production and opened their door for a scholarship opportunity of 6-months of machine-sewing training with Shega Crafts!
After their graduation in July, they nagged us until we gave in to help them start a sewing business of their own! Thanks to the support of N4ED’s generous friends such as David Pennes and Groupe Kardol we were able to purchase two professional sewing machines and support their dream! On their side, they managed to self-fund the raw material and started off recently! In just a few weeks they are overwhelmed with orders and already making benefits!
They are already talking about the next steps… Finding a workshop where they can sew and display their products…
This is the kind of story that makes us go forward despite the trillion challenges in the path!