Amare Getaneh

Amare has worked more than 45 years at EEP (Ethiopian Electric Power) in several projects at different positions such as, Surveying head, Site Coordinator, Site Administrator, Site Manager, Property Compensation Officer etc… Currently he is working on the GERD Project at the Holeta Site as Superintendent with CET (China Equipment and Technology Company) representing EEP.

Since he was young,  Amare has been involved in community works. Currently, he is the chair person of the society for Community Development of his residence. He is also the president of his family and friends society which has been founded over 40 years ago. Moreover, in his 45 years professional experience, he has had the opportunity to travel all over Ethiopia and observe how mothers and children are the first victims of poverty. The depth of his knowledge of the diversity of Ethiopian communities will be a valuable input for N4ED.