New business inauguration for our moms

Today we inaugurated “የእህትማማቾች ባልትና”, a condiments shop in the heart of Kolfe.
This shop is one of the different income generation activities we are setting up for our beneficiaries in Entoto, Kolfe and Kaliti following the difficulties they encountered due to the covid-19 pandemic.
This shop owned by 4 of our beneficiaries is the typical example of how we see development: impacting each individual with tools that will let her/him be set free of dependency but that will only be successful through personal effort.
We are very excited about this and the upcoming ones.

This was made possible thanks to the relentless work of #TeamN4ED
and the financial support of our valuable partners such as Amitié Franco-Ethiopienne, Ville de Lyon, I Care የLycéeልጅ, and other individual donors.

1-year anniversary of the Kolfe women’s group

Yesterday February 13th, we marked the belated 1 year anniversary of the Kolfe አዲስ ተስፋ ተካይ ሰፈር women’s group! Everyone was dressed up for the occasion and reunited at Etiye Denecheza’s home, the elder woman who generously lends us her compound for our workshops and such occasions. Traditional bread cutting, candle lighting, gifts, testimonies, and speeches were part of the program!
We are so proud of our moms who made it here united despite the covid-19 disruptions. Their testimonies of what they have learned and how they benefited from our programs are encouragements for #TeamN4ED to work harder and to get them prepared for the very exciting new opportunities coming their way! Stay tuned to see what is coming up!!

Sustainable approach, one step at a time

At N4ED we believe in proceeding one step at a time to bring solutions and not wait until everything is perfect to start something, somewhere. The COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the livelihoods of many, and the facemask production initiative we fundraised for and started in July is a perfect example of that.
Through this initiative 12 of our beneficiaries were supported to enter the handmade facemask production activity. They produced 5255 masks that generated direct income for them through their labor cost payment and through the sharing of benefits from masks sold by N4ED. They are also currently selling 2067 masks to buy fabrics and produce more masks to sustain the cycle. As part of this independence step, they have taken an order for their first branded 150 masks and delivered just last week.
Now as we move on to the next phase, we are happy to announce that 4 of the women involved in this initiative, the most productive and good quality masks sewers, were selected and registered for a 6-months full package training program at Shega Crafts, which is one of Timiret Le Hiwot Ethiopia’s Social Enterprises. Check out our linkedIn post more for more details on this topic:

End line survey with Entoto group

As we approach the very last days with our group of moms in Entoto, we went to their homes last Saturday to conduct our end-line survey and also take family photoshoots by the talented Abel Gashaw who volunteered to help us prepare their surprise goodbye gifts

An immense gratitude also for our tireless survey volunteers who always put their hearts and minds out at each and every rendez-vous! We are so lucky to have you! #TeamN4ED

N4ED 2020 General Assembly

Another year closed…. a NEW one started with so many encouragements and support from our dear members, volunteers, staff, and the brand new Board of Directors.
N4ED is growing and will be here for a long time to impact as many communities as possible, thanks to all the well-intentioned people who surround it!
We wish #TeamN4ED a productive, impacting, and resourceful year!

N4ED is one of the 2019 Arrell Food Heroes Award winners!

We are extremely honored to have received the 2019 Arrell Food Heroes Award, a category under the Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards, that recognizes our efforts and impacts towards improving nutritional health of children in marginalized urban communities of Ethiopia.

We are deeply grateful to the Arrell Food Institute at the University Of Guelph for this recognition! This pushes us to strive for more and impact more lives!

Home-to-home activities

Home-to-home activities with N4ED encompass a wide range of activities: nutrition and health lessons, cooking demonstration, child feeding practice, saving and loan workshops, growth monitoring, and so on. Our deepest gratitude to our volunteers who made this possible!

Welcome to N4ED

Our mission is to improve infants’ and young children’s nutrition to ensure their full cognitive and physical development by holistically empowering mothers and households.

We believe this will lead to a sustainable poverty reduction because future generations will acquire their full potential enabling them to learn & thrive.

In this 2 minutes video, WFP tells us why this is so important!