End line survey with Entoto group

As we approach the very last days with our group of moms in Entoto, we went to their homes last Saturday to conduct our end-line survey and also take family photoshoots by the talented Abel Gashaw who volunteered to help us prepare their surprise goodbye gifts

An immense gratitude also for our tireless survey volunteers who always put their hearts and minds out at each and every rendez-vous! We are so lucky to have you! #TeamN4ED

N4ED 2020 General Assembly

Another year closed…. a NEW one started with so many encouragements and support from our dear members, volunteers, staff, and the brand new Board of Directors.
N4ED is growing and will be here for a long time to impact as many communities as possible, thanks to all the well-intentioned people who surround it!
We wish #TeamN4ED a productive, impacting, and resourceful year!

N4ED is one of the 2019 Arrell Food Heroes Award winners!

We are extremely honored to have received the 2019 Arrell Food Heroes Award, a category under the Arrell Global Food Innovation Awards, that recognizes our efforts and impacts towards improving nutritional health of children in marginalized urban communities of Ethiopia.

We are deeply grateful to the Arrell Food Institute at the University Of Guelph for this recognition! This pushes us to strive for more and impact more lives!

Home-to-home activities

Home-to-home activities with N4ED encompass a wide range of activities: nutrition and health lessons, cooking demonstration, child feeding practice, saving and loan workshops, growth monitoring, and so on. Our deepest gratitude to our volunteers who made this possible!

Welcome to N4ED

Our mission is to improve infants’ and young children’s nutrition to ensure their full cognitive and physical development by holistically empowering mothers and households.

We believe this will lead to a sustainable poverty reduction because future generations will acquire their full potential enabling them to learn & thrive.

In this 2 minutes video, WFP tells us why this is so important!